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The all-in-one
EEG & Neurofeedback Software


BrainAssistant is a state-of-the-art neurofeedeback software designed to help practitioners provide professional and engaging sessions to their clients. The software provides a thoughtfully designed user interface with a variety of powerful features that ensure a seamless tracking and long-term motivation for children, teenagers, and adults alike.

Neurofeedback, EEG report, EEG Training, EEG analysis
Neurofeedback Game, Ship, Ocean, SevenSeas
Neurofeedback Game, EEG Training, Pirate, Island, PirateIsland

Feedback Games & Applications

With over 15 neuro-responsive games and applications to choose from, practitioners can display feedback on a TV or secondary screen to engage clients in fun and interactive ways. BrainAssistant also provides a variety of presets and manuals for each game, making it easy to create customized sessions tailored to individual clients.

Highly Customizable Neurofeedback

Each training parameter has a sleek dashboard for monitoring amplitudes and adjusting thresholds, whether manually or automatically. Advanced settings enable practitioners to adjust training bars to their personal preferences, ensuring optimal results for their clients.

Easy EEG Setup

With just a few clicks, EEG data is processed directly in the software, and an impedance check helps to ensure signal quality. A large selection of Neurofeedback protocol presets allows practitioners to quickly select the best training for their clients, saving time and improving efficiency.


BrainAssistant is an advanced EEG software designed to provide practitioners with a powerful set of tools for recording and editing full-cap EEG. With just a few clicks, a variety of BrainMap visualizations can be generated and analyzed, and a report of the recording session and its results can be created within seconds. BrainAssistant also seamlessly connects the EEG workflow to Neurofeedback sessions, and supports EDF import for added convenience.

Streamlined Workflow

The recording process is easy to handle and guides users through the necessary steps. After selecting the appropriate hardware and cap, the impedance and signal check ensures a high-quality recording. During and after the recording, segments, markers, and artifact indicators can be easily placed and edited.

EEG-Studio for Editing and Analysis

Markers and segments can be rearranged, and artifacts can be selected to be ignored for BrainMaps. BrainMaps can be generated within seconds using a selection of presets, and every display can be customized to the practitioner´s preference.

Neurofeedback, EEG report, EEG Training, qEEG analysis
BrainMapping, HeatMaps, Gehirn Messung, qEEG
Individualisierter BrainReport, qEEG, BrainMaps, Impedanz, EEG Befund
Neurofeedback, Trainer Screen, Biofeedback, EEG data


  • Quick access to client folder, updates, hardware connection and settings

  • EEG live display, and smart scale and threshold settings

  • Neurofeedback training bars with dashboard and advanced settings.

  • View and adjust the running NF application, take notes and EEG comments during the running session

displayed on TV / secondary screen

Neurofeedback Game, Focus Master, Monc, EEG Training
  • Engaging neurofeedback game with numerous neuro-responsive game and sound effects

  • Brainbar and progress bar to show short- and medium-term feedback

  • Display for client name, game time and collected coins (which can be redeemed in the gameshop for updates and new game characters)

Neurofeedback Experience

The Perfect Workflow

BrainAssistant was designed to offer all the features and tools that are essential to run a successful Neurofeedback session.
The following overview shows our typical 1.5 hour assessment workflow for the first appointment before a client starts the regular Neurofeedback sessions.


1. Interview with the client

Take notes and highlight the most important points; add or edit anytime


3. EEG recording & editing

Add and edit segments, markers and artifacts during the recording or afterwards in the studio screen

EEG recording, EEG analysis, EEG report,  Raw data

2. Impedance & signal check

Ensure a high quality signal with useful indicators before starting the recording

Impedancecheck, EEG recording, EEG data, BrainMap, Biofeedback

4. BrainMaps

Choose from a large selection of presets or customize your BrainMaps

BrainMapping, HeatMaps, Brain analyses, Brain reports

PDF report generation

Easy to print report for your client

BrainMapping, HeatMaps, Brain analyses, Brain reports

6. Monitor and adjust Neurofeedback sessions

Conduct the first neurofeedback session and use the bar graphs to explain the mechanisms

Neurofeedback, Trainer Screen, Biofeedback, EEG data

5. Neurofeedback protocol selection

Select one of the numerous Neurofeedback presets or create your own custom settings

Neurofeedback Training, EEG Training, Impedancecheck, Brainwaves, Brain report

Displayed on client-TV

Neurofeedback Game, EEG Training, Space Shuttle, Cosmos, Space Adventure

Game time

Show your client an engaging Neurofeedback experience using one of the over 15 games

Feature Spotlight

Custom BrainMap settings

Whether you prefer to create your BrainMap from scratch or modify one of our presets, our user-friendly interface makes it easy to customize your settings. You can adjust the name, frequency range, scale, and other parameters to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Neurofeedback Training, EEG Training, Impedancecheck, Brainwaves, Brain report
BrainMapping, HeatMaps, Brain analyses, Brain reports
BrainMapping, HeatMaps, Brain analyses, Brain reports

Custom protocols

With just a few clicks, you can easily create your own Neurofeedback protocols to customize your training sessions to your clients' specific needs. Our intuitive interface allows for seamless protocol creation, ensuring that you can deliver a tailored experience.

Neurofeedback Configuration, Neurofeedback Software, EEG Software, EEG Recording
Neurofeedback Configuration, Neurofeedback Software, EEG Software, EEG Recording

Advanced Neurofeedback bar settings

Optimize your training sessions by adjusting each Neurofeedback bar individually. Our advanced auto-threshold algorithm provides a wide range of parameters to work with, allowing for greater customization and control over your client’s experience.

Games & Applications

Neurofeedback Software, EEG Software, River, Landscape
Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Neurofeedback Software, EEG, SpaceAdventure, Spaceship
Neurofeedback Game, Neurofeedback Software, Ocean, Dragon, Dragonbay

Applications and Games for Neurofeedback

The visualization of Neurofeedback data is essential to achieve successful training outcomes. That's why the BrainAssistant offers a wide range of captivating games that strike the perfect balance between neuro-responsive elements and engaging gameplay. The visually stunning games are designed to enhance the training experience, making it both effective and enjoyable.

Games with controller

Combine Neurofeedback and engaging gameplay

Neurofeedback, EEG Software, Controller Games

Presets to adjust game difficulty

To adjust the feedback to your client's needs

Neurofeedback, Software, Games, Thresholds, EEG
Neurofeedback, Media Center, EEG Software, Neurofeedback Software, Volume Change, Dimmer

Media Center

The Media Center is a powerful application that enables you to transform any streaming service into a neuro-responsive feedback tool for your clients. With the ability to control both the audio and video streams, the Media Center provides a fully customizable experience by controling the computer's volume and screen visibility. Whether you're streaming content or using locally stored files, the Media Center offers a versatile solution for delivering effective Neurofeedback.

In Development

Neurofeedback with VR, Virtual Reality, Neurofeedback Software, EEG
VR Brille, Virtual Reality

Virtual reality environments that are neuro-responsive can fully immerse clients in other worlds, providing a powerful tool for Neurofeedback training. These virtual worlds incorporate classic Neurofeedback elements, but the primary focus is on the immersive experience rather than on gameplay or game mechanics.

Neurofeedback, Analysis, Statistics, EEG Recording, Biofeedback
Neurofeedback, Analysis, Statistics, EEG Recording, Biofeedback

Advanced Statistics

At present, we are working on developing cutting-edge methods for analyzing EEG and Neurofeedback data. Our innovative approach promises to enhance diagnostics, enable more precise selection of training protocols, and improve the overall effectiveness of Neurofeedback. With these advancements, we are committed to providing our users with the most powerful and efficient tools for optimizing brain function and enhancing well-being.

VR Neurofeedback Environment

Continuous Updates

Updates, Neurofeedback Software, EEG Software, Neurofeedback Games

The BrainAssistant makes it easy to stay up-to-date with the latest features, content, games, and improvements. With automatic update checks, you can be confident that you are always using the most current version of our software, ensuring that you have access to the most advanced tools and resources available.

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