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Get started

Become part of our BrainAssistant community and download BrainAssistant today!

FAQs and instructions step by step

Get started:

1. Download and install

  Click the button above and install the BrainAssistant

2. Register and set-up

    Create an account with your email address and follow the instructions of the                          BrainAssistant

3. Connect the EEG device and start the application

     Connect your hardware with the BrainAssistant and start the first game. The                            neurofeedback training can start right away!           


We regularly offer free webinars about the newest functions of the BrainAssistant.

You can find all previous webinars on our YouTube channel. You would like to join the next webinar and don't want to miss any webinars in the future? - feel free to write us an e-mail

There are already recorded webinars on the following topics:

Click here for our 

Any other questions? We also offer trainings and supervisions in the field of neurofeedback!

For training inquiries please visit our page. Here you will find detailed information about all our supervision and training offers. 

Become part of the network and benefit from a vast experience and a lively exchange of knowledge.

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