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Neurofeedback Games without Controller


In a quiet and relaxed environment the player is able to put together a self-selected picture or motiv, part by part, like a puzzle.

Positive Feedback: The puzzle piece moves to the right place.

Negative Feedback: The puzzle piece doesn't move to the right place and stays in the middle.

Focus Master (3D)

In a calm and relaxing setting the player gets in tune with himself and his surroundings. In the shape of various characters he/she floats up and down with the backdrop of pictorial scenery.

Positive Feedback: The character floats upward.

Negative Feedback: The character sinks to the ground.

Pirate Island

The player searches for the great treasure in the shape of a pirate. His adventure leads across the ocean, through the jungle and finally into an old abandoned temple ruin.

Positive Feedback:

The pirate runs, the ship sails, treasure chests can be opened, the sun is shining.

Negative Feedback:

The pirate/ship stops or stands still, treasure chests can’t be opened, it starts to rain.

(with Controller)

Controller, PS4

The player goes on the hunt for a golden treasure in the shape of a dragon. On his hunt he hikes past pirate ships on unsteady paths across the sea. The task is to get the dragon safely to the destination and while doing so collect as many coins as possible. From level one to ten the player has to overcome various obstacles with increasing difficulty.

Positive Feedback:

The trail, on which the dragon can cross the sea, builds up, the energy of the dragon charges so he can jump and spit fire, the already existing trail remains steady. Therefore the dragon can cross it without danger.

Negative Feedback:

No other block builds up to cross the sea, the dragon can't collect energy and therefore can't cross obstacles, the already built trails start to shake, crossing becomes impossible for the dragon.

(with Controller)

Different colored building blocks with different shapes fall from top to bottom on the screen. The player's task is to stack these pieces, preferably without gaps. When a continuous row is full, it disappears. When the bricks stack up and reach the top of the playing field, the game is over.

Positive Feedback:

The bricks slowly fall down.

Negative Feedback:

The bricks fall down faster, the boundaries between the individual building blocks become blurred.

Controller, PS4

Media Center

The Media Center is an add-on application and offers the possibility to transfer the feedback to movies, PDF's, music, podcasts and much more. Therefore the brightness of the screen as well as the volume of the sound can be affected.

Positive Feedback:

The screen gets bright and visible, the sound gets loud and audible.

Negative Feedback:

The screen gets dark, the content can no longer be recognized, the sound gets quieter and inaudible.


In a calm and peaceful environment the player’s task is to keep the gate of a dam open in order to let the waterfall flow.

Positive Feedback:

The gate opens, points, which are carried down by the water, can be collected.

Negative Feedback:

The gate closes, points, which are carried down by the water, are floating away and get lost.


With the backdrop of exciting worlds the player fights his/her way to the top. In the process he/she has the chance to collect various items and coins.

Positive Feedback:

The screen is bright, zoom in on the jumper, the jumper builds up energy to jump.

Negative Feedback:

The screen darkens, moving away from the jumper, the jumper doesn't build up energy to jump.

Train Your Brain
(with Controller)

Train Your Brain is a collection of four mini-games in which the player has to demonstrate calmness, patience, endurance of focus and memory skills no matter if it is a game of memory, counting dice or calculating math exercises. The key here is to "stay calm and focused"!

Controller, PS4


Positive Feedback: The cubes that need to be memorized are visible.

Negative Feedback: The cubes are not visible.


Positive Feedback: The color of the color bucket is visible.

Negative Feedback: The color of the color bucket is not visible.


Positive Feedback: The blocks are well visible and therefore well countable.

Negative Feedback: The boundaries of the blocks are not visible, therefore the blocks can not be counted.


Positive Feedback: The math exercise is clearly visible , dropping slowly to the ground and therefore also solvable.

Negative Feedback: The math exercise is not visible, dropping quickly to the ground and therefore not solvable.

Flight Map

In this game the player's task is to fly an airplane from A to B as quickly as possible. The take-off and destination airports can be freely chosen on the world map.

Positive Feedback: The plane flies.

Negative Feedback: The plane doesn't fly.

Feeding Animals

In a quiet and relaxing environment the player is able to observe animals on a clearing and feed them.

Positive Feedback:

The animal moves towards the feeding spot, food is provided.

Negative Feedback:

The animal moves away from the feeding spot, food is taken away.

Ocean Dive

In a quiet and relaxing environment the player is able to dive into the sea, observe marine animals and discover a treasure.

Positive Feedback:

The water becomes clear and marine life can be observed, the observation radius increases.

Negative Feedback:

The water is murky and not transparent, the observation radius decreases.

Seven Seas

In this game, the player goes on an adventurous journey across the seas. He sails from island to island and searches for the treasures of the 7 seas.

Can he find a hint where the great treasure of the "Pirate Islands" is located?

Positive Feedback:

The ship sails, the sun is shining.

Negative Feedback:

The ship stands still, it starts to rain.

Focus Master Classic (2D)

In a calm and relaxing setting the player gets in tune with himself and his surroundings. In the form of various characters, he/she floats up and down with the backdrop of a picturesque setting.

Positive Feedback: The figure floats upwards.

Negative Feedback: The figure sinks to the ground.

(with Controller)

The player goes on a hunt for coins in the shape of a flying dragon. In the process he crosses different worlds and can complete tasks that generate additional coins.

Positive Feedback:

The dragon flies forward, the energy of the dragon charges up so it can spit fire.

Negative Feedback:

The environment freezes and the dragon can't fly anymore, the dragon can’t charge energy.

Controller, PS4


Neurofeedback Training, EEG, Mönch, Focus Master
Neurofeedback Training, Spiele, EEG, Flugzeug, FlightMap
Neurofeedback Spiele, EEG Training, Puzzle
Neurofeedback Training, EEG, Pirat, Insel, PirateIsland
Neurofeedback, EEG Training, Spiele, Meer, Fische, OceanDive
Neurofeedback Spiel, EEG Training, Schiff, Insel, Bucht, SevenSeas
Neurofeedback Spiel, EEG Training, Wasserfall, Fluss
Neurofeedback Spiel, EEG Training, Controller, Jumper
EEG Training, Neurofeedback Spiele, Tetris, Controller Spiel
Neurofeedback, EEG Training, neuroresponsive Spiele, Drache, Feuer, Dragonbay
Neurofeedback, EEG Training, Drache, Münzen, Feuerring, Dragonfly
Neuroresponsive Spiele, Neurofeedback, EEG, Tiere, Hase, Reh, Waschbär, Feeding Animals
Neurofeedback Spiel, EEG Training, Memory, Train Your Brain
Neurofeedback Spiel, EEG Training, Train your Brain, Fokus, Farben
Neurofeedback Training, EEG, Train Your Brain, Spatial, räumliches Vorstellungsvermögen
Neurofeedback Training, EEG, Train Your Brain, Logik, Rechenaufgaben, Mathematik
Neurofeedback Training, EEG, Meda Center, Dimmer, Lautstärkeregler
Neurofeedback Training, EEG, Media Center, Streamingdienste, Netflix, Disney+, prime video, YouTube
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