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Our philosophy

In our neurofeedback practice, our goal is to provide each of our clients with the best possible neurofeedback experience. However, through daily use, we quickly realized that fundamental improvements in software were needed to meet this demand.

For this reason, we developed BrainAssistant - an all-in-one software for neurofeedback users. It combines neurosmart games, live EEG data transfer, impedance measurements, as well as a logging and billing function.

The daily practical experience enables us to constantly improve the software functions in order to be always up to date with the latest neurotechnology and thus to be able to guarantee an optimal training.

Neurofeedback Trainer, Doctor, Mental Health, Philipp Heiler, qEEG

Philipp Heiler
Medical Doctor

As a doctor I have been running my own practice specialized in neuro- and biofeedback for years ( In parallel, I founded the company brainboost together with my brother Tobias to optimize our training and make it more contemporary.

Neurofeedback Software Development, EEG Software, Mental Fitness, Daniel Lichtenstern

Wishes and needs in the field of neurofeedback and biofeedback are constantly evolving. I take care of flexible solutions to make neurofeedback even easier, more efficient and sustainable.

Neurofeedback, Biofeedback, Trainer, Supervision, qEEG analyses , Tobias Heiler

Tobias Heiler
Sports Scientist

Through my work with trainers, who already offer neurofeedback, as well as new partners, I know their requirements and wishes. This allows us to improve and develop our software in constant contact with trainers.


Sarah Wandl

My daily work as a psychologist in practice with patients and clients enables me to better understand their requirements and wishes for our software. This allows us to constantly make improvements and ensure optimal training.


Elaine Fischer
B.Sc. Health Scientist

In our neurofeedback training courses, I am in regular contact with our partners. This allows us to directly implement feedback, suggestions and requests for our software.

Neurofeedback Trainer, Mental Health, HR, Anna Förster

Anna Förster
B.Sc. Health Scientist

I am in constant contact with trainers to get ideas for new games and applications of our software. This helps me know what works well in practice and helps all our partners and trainers in their work.

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Daniel Lichtenstern

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For trainers, peak performers, businesses and neuroscientists.

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Our practice, specialized in neurofeedback and biofeedback in Munich.

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 In our Neurostore you will find all the necessary equipment for professional neurofeedback trainings.

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Here you can book mentoring, supervision and training courses and connect with the network.

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You can find everything you need to know about occupational health management and health days in companies at

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